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Digital frames are stand-alone units that function on their own. However, their functions are enhanced if they have the ability to link to other devices. The best options are the frames that have at least two USB inputs and two ports for memory cards.

A digital photo frame (also called a digital media frame) is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need of a computer or printer. The introduction of digital photo frames predates tablet computers, which can serve the same purpose in some situations; however, digital photo frames are generally designed specifically for the stationary, aesthetic display of photographs and therefore usually provide a nicer-looking frame and a power system designed for continuous use. Digital photo frames come in a variety of different shapes and sizes with a range of features. Some may even play videos as well as display photographs. Owners can choose a digital photo frame that utilizes a WiFi connection or not, comes with cloud storage, and/or USB and SD card hub.

Digital picture frame ranges in size from tiny keychain-sized units to large wall-mounted frames spanning several feet. The most common sizes range from 7 inches (18 cm) to 20 inches (51 cm). Some digital picture frames can only display JPEG pictures. Most digital picture frames display the photos as a slideshow and usually with an adjustable time interval. They may also be able to send photos to a printer, or have hybrid features. Examples are the sony s-frame F800, that has an integrated printer on its back, or the epson picturemate show.

Electronic picture frame is designed to enable people with no computer, no digital camera and no computer skills to benefit from some aspects of the digital boom. The idea is that a person who does have a computer, a digital camera and computer skills buys the frame, sets up the account and passes it on.

Video picture frame offers many advantages over traditional photo frames. You can display lots of photos and videos without filling every inch of your walls/shelves with frames. You save time and money by not having to get your photos printed. What's more, you can choose which photos to display depending on your mood or the occasion. For instance, you could display your wedding photos on your anniversary. In faster interval modes, you can use a digital frame to show friends and family a slideshow of a recent holiday or event.

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